‘Jersey’ remake complete .. Shahid Emotional Tweets


The success of ‘Jersey’ starring Natural star Nani is well known. A film that emotionally shows the newest dimension in Nani. Dil Raju is currently remaking the film in Hindi with Shahid Kapoor as the hero. Director Gautam Thinnanure, who directed the Telugu film ‘Jersey’, is making the film in Hindi. Recently the film has just finished shooting‌. Hero Shahid Kapoor made emotional tweets on the occasion of the completion of the film shooting. He said that he was happy to complete the shooting of ‘Jersey’ in 47 days. It was the first time in his career to make such a great film and complete the shoot so quickly. Shahid‌ thanked all the artists and technicians who worked with dedication for this film in the corona conditions. Currently his tweets are going viral.