Is it housekeeping to do so?


Principal serving with staff‌!

Sangareddy, December 14 (Andhra Jyoti Correspondent): What are the duties of housekeeping staff ..? The building should be kept clean. The toilets need to be cleaned. Make sure the surroundings are clean. But a school principal also added the responsibility of getting his feet wet in those duties. Every day, the staff goes to the principal and another employee every day without saying that there will be a job if they do so.

The incident took place at a minority residential school in Algol, Zaheerabad zone in Sangareddy district. Principal Jyotirmoyee takes care of the legs on a daily basis with two women in the housekeeping staff. Her colleague is also doing the same services. The whole thing came to light as the camera thickened. It is noteworthy that Jyotirmoyee cut off the call seeking an explanation from the Andhra Jyoti representative on the phone.