Insurance is slow if the crop goes!


The premium should not be stagnant

Free crop insurance as per election guarantee

The government share was Rs 393 crore between 2016-19

Farmers make Rs 290 crore annually

We have quoted 971 together with their share

We will pay the input subsidy on 31st: CM

1,252 crore in farmers’ accounts

The beneficiaries are 9.48 lakh

Amravati, December 15 (Andhra Jyoti): Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has said that crop insurance premium should not be a stumbling block for farmers. He said there was a belief among farmers that insurance would come in case of crop damage. “We are offering free crop insurance as promised in the election,” he said. The CM on Tuesday launched the ‘YSSAR Free Crop Insurance Scheme’, paying insurance compensation for crop losses related to the 2019 season. At the Thadepalli camp office, a computer button was pressed. About Rs 1,252 crore was deposited in the accounts of 9.48 lakh farmers. Ministers Kursala Kannababu, the late Venugopalakrishna, AP Agreement Vice Chairman MVS Nagireddy, senior officials of various departments and several farmers were present on the occasion. Officials and farmers from all districts participated via video conference.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that in the past, farmers had refused to join the crop insurance scheme. When they came to power, the government had decided to pay the farmers’ premium as well. Apart from that, the insurance companies have also shouldered the responsibility of talking to the Center. He said that steps have been taken with the intention of providing insurance money to the farmers at the right time without any loss to the farmers.

Today in three parts …

In the past, the insurance premium was paid by the farmers, the state government and the central government to the insurance company in three separate parts, the CM said. But after that no one would have been able to take responsibility on behalf of the farmers. ‘Insurance is not regular .. not for everyone. It would not have been possible to ask why the actual compensation did not come. When our government came, we tied up the insurance money and talked to the center. We gave compensation. From 2016 to 2019, farmers paid an average premium of Rs 290 crore annually. They are also very low. During those three years, the then government paid an average of only Rs 393 crore a year as its share. When our government came .. the share of farmers was Rs.468 crore .. the share of the government was Rs.503 crore .. the total premium was Rs.971 crore. During those three years, an average of 20 lakh farmers a year were not even insured. Because there is no trust in insurance. Do not believe that insurance will come if the premium is too high. Do not know how much to give, do not know when to give. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Everything is a situation where they have to rely on their benevolence. Since the coming of our government, we have been levying premium on behalf of an average of 49.80 lakh farmers annually.

During the last three years of government rule, only 23.57 lakh hectares were covered on an average. Now we have brought in 45.96 lakh hectares, ”he said. Farmer Assurance Centers have been set up in every village. They are working in conjunction with the village secretariats. He said the full details of the farmers who lost their crops in the recent heavy rains and floods were ascertained through e-cropping and those details were displayed in RBK. If there is anyone left in it, they will also be included in the list and input subsidy will be given to everyone on the 31st of this month.

Tributes to the greats ..

Amarajivi Potti Sriramulu, on the occasion of the death of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home Minister of India.

Kharif damage compensation in March and April.

“We will pay input subsidy in the same season for crop loss in any season. That has never happened in the previous government,” he said. If the 2020 kharif harvest is completed by next January, the farmers who lost their crops will be compensated immediately in March and April. He said the money would be available to farmers by June (beginning of the kharif season). Never before has insurance insurance been paid so fast. We are also buying colored, germinated grain, which is said to be the first in history.