Indispensable conflicts with the EU .. Trade with WTO rules from 1

London: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said there are still differences between Britain and the European Union on key issues. From January 1, 2021, Britain will be required to prepare for trade with the EU in accordance with WTO rules. Although the deadline expires on Sunday, the two sides agreed to continue post-Brexit talks. Commenting on Johnson later, he said there were differences on issues related to equal opportunities, governance and the fishing industry. He told the British media that he was happy to talk to other European countries. Tamandaram said he would work tirelessly to reach an agreement. What needs to happen now is for the WTO to be prepared to act in accordance with Australian rules, he said. The EU has no free trade agreement with Australia. Both parties work in accordance with WTO regulations on major tariffs, imports and exports. He said Britain did not intend to withdraw from the talks. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Britain.
The EU chief is optimistic about the deal
EU delegation leader Michael Barnier commented on Monday that he was still confident that a Brexit trade deal could be reached. He said he hoped the unresolved disputes would be resolved before the start of the new year. He said two more conditions had to be agreed upon.