India’s position in the Human Development Index 131

  • One position lower than last year
  • UN report released
  • Allocation of ranks to 189 countries

New Delhi: India has slipped one place in the Human Development Index (HDI) over last year. Ranked 131st out of a total of 189 countries on the list. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released the report on Tuesday. The HDI value is measured between 0-1. The report states that the value of India is 0.645. The average life expectancy of Indians in 2019 is 69.7 years. In this regard, Bangladesh is in a better position than India. Life expectancy of Bangladeshis is 72.6 years. It also expressed concern that children in India are suffering from malnutrition. Norway tops the list, followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iceland. Niger‌ is at the bottom of this list. The UNDP has also released an experimental report on carbon emissions. India ranks 5th in Installed Solar Power Capacity (Installed Solar Capacity). Meanwhile, the UNDP said Corona pointed out the weaknesses and inequalities in social and economic systems. The Human Development Index was first released jointly by Pakistani economist Mahaboob ul Haq and Amartya Sen in 1990.

Country Rank

India 131

China 85

America 17

Bhutan 129

Bangladesh‌ 133

Nepal‌ 142

Pakistan‌ 154

Average income of Indians (per annum)

2018- Rs.5,02,933 ($ 6829)

2019- Rs.4,92,033 ($ 6681)