India versus Australia: Opener Prithvi Shaw benefits from a long rope | Cricket News

Prithvi Shaw won the first long rope in Indian cricket in several years. “He (Prithvi) will play in Australia for the first time. I find it very exciting to see his progress, ”said Captain Virat Kohli on the eve of the first test in Adelaide.
This move was a departure from the usual style of Indian team management of getting youngsters to reach consistency at the earliest. But on a full tour of Australia, young Indian talent has usually offered hope for the future of Indian cricket. This could be the tour Indian cricket begins its transition on for the next decade. The stage is ready. It is time for the youngsters to perform at their best.
Sachin Tendulkar, Irfan Pathan, Ishant Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Jasprite Bumrah and Rishabh Pant all recognized their talents in one of the most hostile locations on the tour. The current Indian coach Ravi Shastri will vouch for the success Down Under has for the youngster’s career.

Kohli put things into perspective: “Look, I’ve been touring for many years and it’s a wonderful place to play cricket. Performing well here will earn you public respect and obviously there will be anticipation and entertainment when you want to see yourself play. ”
“You are doing well here, the public is looking forward to seeing you in the field and I think what is more important for us is that the general public wants to see India as a team,” Kohli’s success story was different from the others.
Its history is not rosy. In retrospect, Kohli’s love affair with Australia resembles Hollywood romcom scripts about two controversial strangers. His bat charm triumphed over the general dislike the Australian masses had for him nine years ago.

In explaining the dynamics of gaming in Australia, he brought the evolution of Jasprit Bumrah with him. “Similar to Jasprit, he did really well here last time. So there will obviously be anticipation and excitement to watch him bowling, ”he said.
Sachin Tendulkar spoke in an interview on India Today about how the 1992 tour changed his game, both technically and mentally.
Mayank Agarwal, Shaw’s opening partner for the first test, was delighted with the confidence booster hiring two years ago on the last tour. There is also a certain one Shubman Gillthat makes the whole country wait to see him play at the highest level and wait in the starting blocks.
But Kohli chose Mayank as a template for the youngsters. “Mayank came through the last time we were on tour here and he fought brilliantly with no luggage. This is what you expect from the younger guys. Just go out, have no baggage from the past, express yourself and put the team in strong positions, “he said before spelling the driver that comes with playing on Kohli’s team,” Play that brand of fearless cricket and let yourself calculate and read situations for the team. ”
Between Gill and Shaw, Shaw scored the first goal. But he also has to realize that hanging on a rope has become a little longer and thinner than usual. This is a crucial tour for both of them, especially if the team leadership has chosen to loosen their strict guidelines for consistency.
“Let the seniors take on more responsibility and the pressure that comes with playing a friendly game and a full series of tests,” said Kohli.
Off to Adelaide!