India-China Standoff: Indian Navy to acquire 38 extended range BrahMos missiles for new warships soon

The strength of the Indian Navy is set to increase amidst the ongoing Indo-China border dispute along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of eastern Ladakh and the continuing tensions with Pakistan. The Navy is going to purchase 38 new high-range BrahMos missiles for its new warships.

These missiles can easily pierce any enemy target 450 km away. If any warships of Sino-Pak also come in front of these missiles, then they can be targeted and destroyed in a blink of an eye. These missiles are to be fitted on the Visakhapatnam class warships under construction by the Indian Navy, which will be in active service in the coming times.

“A proposal of Rs 1,800 crore for the purchase of 38 more range BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles is with the Ministry of Defense and is expected to be approved soon,” government sources said. BrahMos will be the main strike weapon of warships. Many warships are already engaged.

The Indian Navy also tested the BrahMos missile from its warship INS Chennai. The missile was launched into the sea at a target 400 km away. India is also working on finding an external market to export the supersonic cruise missile. The missile has been largely indigenized by DRDO under its project PJ-10.

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Since the inception of the joint venture between India and Russia, the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile has become a powerful weapon for the three armed forces, who are using them for various roles. At the same time, last month, the Indian Navy successfully tested the Naval version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in the Bay of Bengal. This missile was capable of flying enemy warships from 300 km away. During the test it was fired from INS Rannvijay and it hit the target in the blink of an eye.