Hunting for bats there .. Do you know why

When a bat hears this name, it immediately shakes its back. Everyone hears this name Corona virus Remembers. - Scientists Focus On Bats For Clues To Prevent Next Pandemic

There is widespread speculation that the corona pandemic has spread around the world, but there is still no conclusive evidence as to what caused the corona virus to spread.

Scientists are still struggling to determine the exact cause of the corona virus outbreak. - అక్కడ గబ్బిలాల కోసం వేట .. ఎందుకో తెలుసా- General-Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Fresh Scientists at the Fiocruz Institute However, scientists are conducting a special mission to catch bats and carry out some new studies on them. Bat huntingIn order to prevent another dangerous virus caused by bats from spreading in the world, scientists have been catching bats in advance. Many researches Carrying out.