Humility Farming‌ .. Video Viral .. Netizens Fida!

The movie stars’ focus shifted to natural crops. Priority is given to naturally occurring vegetables and essentials. Samantha grew vegetables in her home organic farming and seemed to wow. Now Mahesh Babu’s family is following in her footsteps. Namrata shared the vegetable garden grown on their farm through social media.

These include rice, tomatoes, chillies and cotton. Humility took a video of this veggie form and shared it via social media. Along with her fans, Mahesh’s fans are also falling for it. She loves to grow her own crop in this way for essential consumption. This video is currently circulating on social media. Doing so encourages others by encouraging their own farming.

Namrata stays away from movies after marriage. She looks after Maheshbabu’s call sheets, ads and Mahesh’s remuneration. Everything behind the scenes takes care of humility.