Horned corona


New cases

America 1,94,866

Britain‌ 35,928

Dead in one day

America 2,628

Britain‌ 326

  • New strain disturbance in Britain
  • Spread across the UK except Northern Ireland!
  • Over one lakh cases registered in 5 days
  • The Minister of Health said the situation was out of hand
  • Lockdown again in London, South England
  • Severe impact on Christmas celebrations
  • Britain bans multi-national flights
  • An emergency visit to the Indian Medical Department today
  • 4 lakh cases in a single day in America
  • Sydney City ‘Isolation‌’ in Australia
  • Impact of the new strain on South Africa as well

London, December 20: Just before the British broke out that the corona pandemic that killed nearly 1100 people a day had broken out .. the virus was breaking out again with new horns and fangs! The new strain is troubling Britain, which has already been hit twice by the virus. Compared to the type that spread earlier this year .. it is spreading 70 percent faster and is causing concern. This new strain has now spread throughout the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland. Doctors say its identification is also critical. The new strain was named ‘VUI 202012/01′ by British scientists. In fact, positive cases have been on the rise in Britain for some time now. Over one lakh cases have been registered in the last five days. Most of them are believed to be due to the new strain. Health Minister Matt Hankok expressed concern that the situation was getting out of hand. However, this strain is not as deadly as it used to be in the UK. This is evidenced by the number of deaths recorded. During the month of April, when there were 7,000 cases per day, more than 1100 deaths were reported. Now the number of cases is approaching 40,000 but the death toll is less than 700 per day. With Christmas approaching, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for sanctions to be lifted for five days. But the idea was dropped after a meeting with health experts on Saturday on the consequences of the virus’ genetic mutation.

Corona has announced that it will impose lockdowns on Sunday in southern England, including the capital London, with early-style sanctions. Sanctions were imposed across England until December 30 to prevent people from gathering during Christmas. Matt Hancock commented that the ban was widely criticized at a time when the festival was being celebrated, citing the seriousness of the situation. Lockdowns, with restrictions, would have to be limited to over a million people in their respective areas. An additional force was deployed at the railway stations to see that people from London did not go to other places. “We are constantly reporting the situation in our country to the World Health Organization (WHO),” said Chris Witty, England’s chief medical officer. There is no specific evidence that the new strain causes an increase in deaths.

Countries on the verge of cancellation of air services

European countries, which have observed developments in Britain, are canceling flights from there. The Netherlands suspended until January 1. Belgium also stopped trains. Germany plans to block flights from Britain as well as South Africa, where the new strain of the virus is severe. France, Italy and Australia are on a similar path.

Sydney ‘Isolation‌’

Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, went ‘isolation’. The positives have been coming here for a few days. The number of cases has reached 70. The states of Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory have decided not to allow Sydney immigrants. The Australian Capital Authority sent a message to Sydney saying ‘do not come near us’.

4 lakh cases in a single day in America

There is no limit to the corona boom in America. Lakhs, two lakhs, three lakhs and 4 lakh cases came together. Another 2,756 died. A total of 4,03,359 people were diagnosed with the virus on Friday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 1.14 lakh people are in hospitals. According to CDC figures, 2.44 lakh cases were reported in a single day in the United States. According to Johns Hopkins varsity statistics, more have come.

India’s meeting on Britain today

Indian medical health officials are scheduled to meet urgently on Monday to discuss the latest situation in the UK. He is scheduled to meet with the US Working Group on Corona. The meeting, which will be chaired by the Director-General of Health Services, will discuss the consequences of the British genetic mutation sequence. WHO India Representative Dr. Roderico Ofrin is also expected to attend.