Held MotoCorp, Maruti Suzuki, Wipro, Videocon, Telcos

Here’s a list of the top ten stocks that could hit the news Thursday:

Hero MotoCorp: The two-wheeler manufacturer is increasing the prices of all of its vehicles by up to £1,500 from January 1st. The increase was announced to offset the effects of rising input costs.

Telecommunications company: India plans to auction £3.92 trillion worth of air waves on fourth generation 4G cellular networks in March after a break of more than four years as the government raises resources to fund infrastructure spending and run a nationwide immunization program.

Maruti Suzuki India: The car maker is developing a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) based on its popular Baleno hatchback. Two people are directly aware of the company’s plans. The new model, code-named “YTB”, is likely to be conceived as a coupe or mini-crossover.

Wipro: The IT company has completed the acquisition of 83.4% of Encore Theme, a specialist in the provision of SaaS and cloud solutions for financial services. The remaining stake will be acquired subject to and upon receipt of certain regulatory approvals / confirmations.

Sugar company: The cabinet has agreed £3,500 crore subsidy for sugar farmers, saying the subsidy is given on 60 lakh tons of sugar exports at a rate of 10 £ 6000 per ton. Farmers receive the grant directly on their account.

Future companies: Kishore Biyani reported a consolidated net loss of £320.56 crore for the quarter ended September due to lower revenue from operations. The company had a net profit of £21.78 crore in the corresponding quarter a year ago.

Bombay Rayon: The company is in the process of outsourcing its Tarapur Yarn Dying and Fabric Process unit to its subsidiary BRFL Textiles as part of the restructuring process as part of a burglary sale. Upon completion of the transaction, private equity investors will invest funds in BRFL Textiles, which will be used to fund working capital and the run-up of Tarapur assets.

Videocon Industries: The creditors’ committee has approved the wind-up plan submitted by Twin Star Technologies Limited. The wind-up plan was filed with the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai.

IndusInd Bank: The private lender said Sebi gave its promoters a one-month extension to inject residual capital in lieu of converting warrants issued to them last year worth more than a year £2,695 crore in equity.

Cheering FoodWorks: The company that operates Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin ‘Donuts restaurants in India has announced the launch of a new chain of restaurants selling Biryani under the name Ekdum! Brand that benefits from the rice dish’s popularity with Indian guests.

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