Health News Summary: Amazon asks US to involve warehouse and grocery personnel in vaccine roll-out. IDB offers $ 1 billion to help Latin America and more

Alaskan Health Worker stable after allergic reaction to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

An Alaskan health worker who had a severe allergic reaction after receiving the coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer Inc. was now stable, health officials said Wednesday. The person’s side effect, minutes after the Pfizer shot was recorded on Tuesday, was similar to two cases in the UK.

The U.S. agency says employers should be careful about prescribing COVID-19 vaccines

The U.S. agency, which enforces workplace discrimination laws, said Wednesday that employers who require workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must be willing to exempt workers with disabilities and religious objections from tax. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) posted the guidelines on its website after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration paved the way for a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc and German partner BioNTech.

Amazon is asking the US to involve warehouse and grocery personnel in the vaccine roll out Inc on Wednesday asked the U.S. government to prioritize key employees, including the warehouse, grocery store, and data center, for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. This emerges from a letter from Reuters. The inquiry underscores the importance of the second largest private employer in the United States regarding a vaccine for the safety of its employees and the openness of its facilities.

Some vaccine doses were kept too cold, Pfizer had manufacturing issues, US officials say

In the early days of Pfizer Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine launch, there were unexpected issues, including the storage of some vaccines in excessively cold temperatures and reports of potential challenges in vaccine manufacturing by Pfizer, US officials said in a news conference on Wednesday With. At least two trays of COVID-19 vaccine doses shipped in California had to be replaced after their storage temperatures dropped below minus 80 degrees Celsius, U.S. Army General Gustave Perna said on the call. Pfizer’s vaccines, which were manufactured with partner BioNTech SE, should be stored at around minus 70 ° C.

IDB offers $ 1 billion to help Latin America and the Caribbean with COVID-19 vaccinations

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced Wednesday that it would mobilize $ 1 billion to help countries in Latin America and the Caribbean acquire and distribute COVID-19 vaccines. This adds to the $ 1.2 billion pledged in 2020. Latin America’s top development lender said it would continue to fund other public health actions, such as: B. More effective testing and tracking, as well as better clinical management of COVID-19 patients.

Exclusive: The WHO-led team is expected to investigate the origin of COVID-19 in China in January – experts

An international mission led by the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to travel to China in the first week of January to investigate the origins of the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic, a member and diplomats told Reuters on Wednesday. The United States, which accused China of hiding the extent of the outbreak, has called for a “transparent” WHO-led investigation and criticized its conditions that allowed Chinese scientists to conduct the first stage of preliminary research.