Guwahati wants IPL team, BCCI official says “currently not possible”

IPL 2021 new team: The BCCI general assembly on December 24th will decide whether IPL will have new teams in its roaster in 2021 or not. If the teams to increase the proposal are approved by BCCI’s general meeting, Ahmedabad city is sure to be included as one of the franchises. Now another contender in the form of the city of Guwahati has decided to throw their hat in the ring.

The Assam Cricket Association (ACA) is considering a Guwahati-based team for the upcoming IPL season. According to a report in local media, ACA Secretary Devajit Lon Saikia has confirmed that the city of Guwahati will be proposed as one of the new teams in the BCCI’s general meeting scheduled for December 24th.

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InsideSport reached out to BCCI to see if there was an opportunity to include Guwahati as one of the new IPL teams, as suggested by ACA Sec. We have been informed that this is not possible at this point in time.

“The team is not granted to a national association. The BCCI General Assembly can approve the inclusion of 1 or 2 teams for the next edition. Ahmedabad will be one of the cities, other cities like Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur can also be added to the list. Guwahati is unlikely to be included in the list of potential cities at this stage. “ said the senior BCCI official.

IPL 2021 new team – If the BCCI AGM approves the introduction of new IPL teams from IPL 2021, the city of Ahmedabad will almost certainly be added to the list of IPL franchise cities.

The proposal to raise two teams for the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) will be officially released at the December 24th AGM for House approval. The representatives of all national associations will approve the addition of two new teams to the meeting on December 24th.

According to the information available at InsideSport, one thing is now certain that the city of Ahmedabad will be included in the IPL roaster before anyone else. The names of Lucknow / Kanpur, Pune will be up for discussion if the BCCI AGM decides to raise more than one team for IPL 2021 or IPL 2022.

If the BCCI general assembly decides to postpone the proposal for the new teams for the IPL 2022, Ahmedabad will still be the first city to be included in the IPL roaster.

IPL 2021 New Team – BCCI a shared house on the feasibility of new teams for IPL 2021

InsideSport had previously reported that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, Secretary Jay Shah himself is fully in favor of introducing new teams from the next edition, but few others question the feasibility of IPL teams for the 14th edition.

According to one of the BCCI officials, InsideSport spoke with, The time for the introduction of the new teams for IPL in 2021 is too short. Tenders, player auctions and above all the inclusion of all stakeholders on the same page will be a real challenge in a short time. We believe that any expansion of the team should only be done for IPL 2022.

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Another old BCCI official is also not satisfied with the idea of ​​new IPL teams before 2022.Our broadcast rights agreement with Star will end with IPL 2021. After the end of the cycle, we should establish new teams so that broadcasting rights and other values ​​of commercial partnership can be increased. The final decision will only be made at the AGM now, and I think the team increase plan will be postponed this year. ‘

“Ten teams mean 94 games in home and away format. That means a bigger window for the tournament, which can be difficult given the current situation. “ said another BCCI official