Great success at PUBG Mobile, ‘Game comeback not possible in the New Year either’

Big update – PUBG Mobile Comeback not possible in the new year either: PUBG players in India should give up all hopes of PUBG’s comeback in the new year as well, i.e. 2021. After the government has persecuted MEITY officials continuously for the past 30 days, the government has yet to give PUBG officials a hearing.

And the big piece of information coming from both sides is that the game ban will not be lifted for the next few months. Sources on the PUBG side have informed InsideSport that the matter will not be resolved anytime soon.

‘PUBG’s efforts have been taken in all seriousness, but the situation is such that there has been no headwind or progress on the matter. We don’t see a comeback of the game in India in the next few months, at least not until March 2021. It’s unfortunate, but everyone has to live with it. “said the official, who was closely following developments on PUBG’s side.

With this statement from the person in the thick of the action, it is clear that PUBG Mobile is not returning to India until March 2021.

InsideSport was the first platform in the country to report that the ministry is unwilling to give permits for PUBG’s comeback.

The daily PUBG fraternity is being misled by various false stories and irresponsible reporting around the PUBG launch. With this report we are again the first platform to report that PUBG will not celebrate a comeback until March 2021.

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PUBG Mobile Comeback: Government unwilling to buzz from where it was before

For its part, PUBG Corporation has taken several steps to appease the Indian government lest the game be banned in India.

– After the Indian government banned Chinese apps on September 12th, the PUBG Corporation announced the termination of all relations with the game manufacturer Tencent in India as a first step

– Following this release, PUBG Corporation officially announced that a new version of PUBG Mobile Catering would be launched specifically for the Indian market.

– PUBG Corp also announced investments in India

– It has also been officially confirmed by PUBG Corp that the game is hosted on the Indian servers with no data going outside.

– Although not officially confirmed by PUBG Corp – the partnership with Microsoft Azure has been reported in the media, as has the establishment of the Indian unit PUBG with an Indian director

But these attempts by PUBG Corp to appease the Indian government have not borne fruit.

This situation won’t change very soon. Unfortunately, the PUBG brotherhood has to live with the ban for a few more months. During this time, they must also beware of fake reports, fake APK links, and fake registration calls.