Govt writes to agitating farmers asking them to decide the date and time for the next round of talks

Farmers have been on the borders of Delhi for the last 29 days against three new agricultural laws brought by the central government. The farmers clearly say that they will continue the protest till the government withdraws the bill. At the same time, after several rounds of talks between the government and farmers, the initiative has been taken by the government once again. The Union Agriculture Ministry has responded to the letter of the United Kisan Morcha and invited them for talks.

In the letter, the government has asked the farmers to fix the time and date of the talks. It has also said that the government is committed to find rational solutions to the issues raised by the farmers. The United Kisan Morcha had written a letter to the government that it wants to repeal the three laws. However, the Kisan Morcha had also said that if the government talks with a clear intention, the farmers associations are ready for this.

In response to this, the government has asked the farmers’ organizations to give a date for talks. At the same time, he has also been asked to provide information on other issues on which he wants to discuss.

What is written in the letter?

It is written in this letter that it is necessary for the Government of India to keep the path of dialogue open with all the farmers organizations of the country. It is the responsibility of the government to listen respectfully to all farmer organizations and farmers. Referring to the issues raised by the farmers, the government has said that the government has held talks on all the issues raised, if there is any other issue, the government is ready to hold talks. According to the letter, the talks will be held with the ministerial level committee at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on the suggested date and time of farmer organizations.

Explain that even before this, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had written an 8-page letter to farmers. In this letter, he wrote, ‘As the agriculture minister of the country, it is my duty to remove the confusion of every farmer, remove the concern of every farmer. It is my responsibility to put before you the truth and the true situation of the conspiracy being hatched between the government and the farmers in Delhi and the surrounding area.