Google Home Max is $ 179 and then it’s gone

Chris Monroe / CNET

After three years and a million “Hey Google’s”, the Google Home Max smart speaker is no longer available. However, if you do have one, you will continue to receive support for the foreseeable future.

“We sold out Google Home Max and will no longer manufacture the device,” a Google spokesman confirmed in a statement following an earlier report by Engadget. “With the introduction of Nest Audio, we have a number of great home audio solutions, especially with two Nest audios paired for stereo sound.”

Google has switched most of its smart speakers to the Nest brand and is now offering the smaller ones Google Nest Mini and Nest Audio. The Home Max’s closest competitors in terms of size are the $ 499 Sonos Five (without a microphone) and the $ 200 Amazon Echo Studio. However, both speakers probably offer a better sound than the Max.

The Google Home Max is a large device compared to most smart speakers, which means it is only suitable for end tables or TV stands. While the product hit the market at $ 399, it now retails for $ 179 or $ 180. If there’s one thing you want, hurry up: it’s sold out on Google itself, however Verizon still has inventory, as well as PC Richard and a couple of other places if you hunt around.

Look at that:

Google Home Max is a smart speaker for parties