Google Doodle shows winter solstice and “great conjunction”

In cooperation with NASA, Google has replaced the homepage logo in the northern hemisphere with an animated doodle that celebrates the winter solstice and suggests that you keep an eye on the current “great conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter.

December 21 of this year marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. On this longest night of 2020, an incredible astronomical event known as the “Great Conjunction” will be shown. The grand conjunction is a visual overlap of Saturn and Jupiter, the two largest planets in our solar system, in the night sky.

In particular, Saturn and Jupiter will be within 0.1 degrees of each other. While the grand conjunction occurs roughly every 20 years, the last time the event was as visible in the sky as it will be for this winter solstice was almost 800 years ago.

For this reason, Google worked with NASA to create an animated doodle that shows the great conjunction as the comic book Saturn and Jupiter meeting for a quick high five, and the winter solstice as literally “snow-covered” earth, which the other two Planet observed.

Google and NASA have given some tips on the best way to see this spectacular, great conjunction tonight – especially December 21, 2020, the night of the winter solstice.

  • Find a place with a clear view of the sky, e.g. B. a field or a park.
  • An hour after sunset, Jupiter looks like a bright star and is clearly visible in the southwestern sky. Saturn is getting a little weaker and appears slightly above and to the left of Jupiter by December 21st, when Jupiter overtakes it and they reverse positions in the sky.
  • Feel free to use binoculars, but the planets can still be seen with the naked eye.

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