Giant meteor fireball falls from the sky and crashes into the ground in China. The locals are stunned clock

On Wednesday, a giant ball of fire was discovered that flashed across the sky and plunged into the northwestern city of Yushu. The residents were stunned. Videos of the event that went viral showed a bright ball of fire sweeping across the dark sky, illuminating it. Also Read – Spectacular Geminid Meteor Showers with over 100 falling stars to grace the sky tonight; Know when, where and how to see it

It is not immediately clear what the fireball is, according to a Daily Mail report, but local media is suggesting the possibility of a meteor. Some experts believe that the object was a bolide, an extremely bright meteor.

A local named Dan Ba, who witnessed the incident when he was taking his child to school, said the car started out very small, but three minutes later it got very big and bright. Many other locals said they heard loud bangs.

The fireball was also videotaped by passengers on a plane flying from Xi’an to Lhasa as it lit up the sky. Several videos and photos of the mysterious event were shared on social media. Look here:

A Twitter user said a similar incident happened in Alabama, where a meteor shone brightly in the sky. He wrote: “Today two strange and sensational events took place in Qinghai China and Marshall County Alabama USA. A meteor makes a LANDFALL in Qinghai, while in Alabama a meteor glows brightly in the sky. We will need astrologers to help us make sense of the strange events. “

China’s Earthquake Networks Center also confirmed through its social media that a suspected bolide landed near the border between Nangqian County and Yusu County at 7:25 a.m., but no one was injured.

According to a NASA report, more than 50,000 meteorites were found on Earth in December 2019.