Genelia D’Souza says husband Riteish Deshmukh “knows very well that happy wife means happy life” – Bollywood

Actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza are among the most popular couples in Bollywood. The two made their Bollywood debut with Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2003 and tied the knot almost a decade later. Genelia did a kind of sabbatical year after marriage and appeared in only a few cameos. While the two have not yet agreed to star in a new film together, they have teamed up on the big screen for a short-term project, Ladies vs Gentlemen on Flipkart Video.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, the Bollywood couple talked about their web show, whether they and their kids will work together on a movie now. Extracts:

Why did you say yes to ladies vs gentlemen?

Riteish: It was something we thought was funny, quirky, thought provoking and that needs to be discussed. It is a unique, interactive show for people to participate and hear different opinions from people from all over India.

If a filmmaker wanted to bring you together, what exactly would you be looking for in the project?

Riteish: A good script.

Genelia: I always say my first film was with Riteish and before I did that big sabbatical the last film I did was with Riteish too. To be with him again, I’m looking for something very special. We look forward to cooperation.

You recently appeared on the Kapil Sharma Show where Riteish revealed that Genelia is only allowed to ask him 10 questions a day. How do you choose these questions?

Riteish: I asked her 10 questions a day and her quota ends within five minutes in the morning.

Genelia: I ask what to ask, he can answer or not, that’s his choice. There is a saying, “Happy wife, happy life,” and he knows it very well.

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Have your children seen your films, did they make an interesting comment on your work?

Genelia: I don’t think they even know we are actors. They always ask me: where should Baba work? To the office? ‘

Riteish: You haven’t seen any of my films. You saw Total Dhamaal recently. They think every parent likely does some kind of acting job. You’re getting the hang of it now. They surprised me one day on the set and we shot the song Bala. My son said, “Babaaaaaa, you said you would work, but you dance here.” Last year I made them come to the Baaghi 3 outdoor shoot and they had a really great time. And I realized that I should never take my kids to a shoot with others because baap matlab ghar ki murgi dal barabar. They just rave about Tiger Uncle and Akshay Uncle and how cool they are.

Genelia: You felt very comfortable on the set and didn’t need us at all. They chilled with everyone. They have open-minded personalities and don’t stay with us that much.

They also recovered from Covid-19 this year. How did your kids do it without you?

I think it was very difficult for the kids and Riteish. Suddenly one fine day you get undressed and isolated and you don’t have time to prepare. I was very surprised because we had gone to a very safe place in Latur. I realized that you have to be as safe as possible, but you can get it anywhere. I was totally asymptomatic, which was good. Riteish took over and he was great with the kids. My parents were a great help. My family and friends were calling me literally every hour, this is really important because isolation can be a very difficult part.

Have you been with your children the whole time? How did you manage to keep them inside all the time?

Genelia: We actually “lived through” the lockdown. We were together, the kids were so excited to have him with them. It was so restrictive that we went into the village more. We’d make long drives and Riteish would drive 5-6 hours. As a family, we have found that, despite so much negativity, there is so much positivity in those little moments.

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