Funny Trolls On Cheteshwar Pujara Batting Style In Adelaide Pink Test

Adelaide: A test match is a test of patience. Batsmen irritate bowlers as they run their innings. Sometimes the greasy innings played by the batsmen can save the team from defeat. Mr. Dependable is the man who became synonymous with greasy cricket after Little Master Sunil Gavaskar in Team India cricket. Rahul Dravid. Dravid has given a new definition to the term defense in Test cricket during his 16-year career. During his tenure, he played many greasy innings in Test matches played by Team India and escaped defeat several times. That is why Dravid wrote the name ‘The Wall’ in his name. However, like Dravid, he became another wall in the Tests for Team India … Chateshwar Pujara .. Pujara, who was branded as a Test specialist, soon earned a good name.(Read: Prithviraj Shah Duckout .. Hateful Tweets ‌)

TeamIndia’s innings continues in the latest Pink Ball Test against Aussies in Adelaide. Stamped as Test‌ Specialist Chateshwar Pujara Anyone who looks at the innings will go insane. Aussies are showing players what Test cricket is all about. Opener Prithviraj Shah came back as a duckout without scoring a single run on the scoreboard.

Pujara, who came to the crease when the team India score was at zero, played very patiently, faced 145 balls and scored 30 runs without a single boundary. Probably the slowest innings of his career. Of course it was not Pujara’s fault. The pitch situation was favorable for the bowlers and he continued the innings on foot. However, funny trolls are coming on social media about Pujara’s performance. The real Test cricketer is Pujara. Our Pujara cement is stronger than Ambuja cement. Pujara’s wall is stronger than Dravid’s wall. After Dravid, we got another wall. (Read: Viral‌: Players pushing each other)

In the first Test, Team India will continue their innings on foot. As part of the second session on the first day, Team India scored 83 for 2 in 46 overs. Pujara 31, Kohli 30 at the crease. Opener Prithviraj Shah was bowled out for a duck in the second ball of the first over. Mayank Agarwal, who scored 17, was bowled by Cummins. After that, Kohli and Pujara went on a lunch break together, playing achituchi without taking another wicket.