Former FNCS champion banned from Fortnite during a livestream at the Forsty Freny tournament

Competitive Fortnite is in a league of its own. The huge prize pools, audience numbers and following make the competitive scene in Fortnite one of the largest in the world. Although, as with any other competitive game, hackers and scammers from time to time ruin your experience. While hackers are a rarity in competition, there is always someone who ruins the game for everyone. Now Fortnite has reportedly banned a competitive player from using objective hacks in the game.

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Fortnite professional gamer Kez has been banned from the game after reports of target hacking. This happened during a game in the ongoing Frosty Frenzy tournament with Kez playing in trios. Neither his teammates nor he saw this coming and everyone was visibly confused when Kez broke off the match. What followed was even more surprising when Kez’s teammates found out that he was actually prohibited from using targeting hacks. Check out the video below to see what exactly happened during the stream:

Fortnite professional gamer Kez is banned from the game for using soft target hacks

During the stream, Kez also tried to restart the game but since he was locked there was nothing he could do about it. This also meant that he may no longer be able to participate in the Frosty Frenzy tournament. On top of that, he also mentioned how the $ 1,400 won so far will be returned considering he’s been banned.

However, the video doesn’t mention that Kez was banned for hacking. Thankfully, Kez’s teammate Cizlucky posted a screenshot of a DM that he has receive on Twitter who exposed Kez.

Apparently, Kez bought hacks for the game 2-3 weeks ago. These hacks have a 2-3 chance of being discovered that Kez obviously didn’t know about. His attempt to cheat his way through the Frosty Frenzy tournament has clearly failed and his competitive Fortnite career is likely over.

Cizlucky posted one too Video from him, how Kez was extremely calm about it and didn’t even react to his prohibition. Obviously, he knew he was done, which is probably why he deleted all of his social media as well.

Controversial as this may be, it’s an Epic win. You successfully spotted a hacker at the start of a major tournament and took immediate action. This is also a good sign for the Frosty Frenzy tournament, which hopefully will be free from such hackers.