Farmers have the right to protest but cannot block roads: Supreme Court

Farmers have the right to protest but cannot block roads: Supreme Court

New Delhi:

The protest of farmers on the borders of Delhi, which is on its 23rd day, must continue and the state capital cannot be blocked, the Supreme Court said today, hearing a series of petitions on the issue. India Chief Justice SA Bobde, who yesterday said the matter must be brought to a committee, said the panel must “have independent members with knowledge of agriculture and hear both sides and report on what needs to be done”. In the meantime, the “protests can continue without violence and the police will take no action (to stop the protests),” said the Chief Justice.

However, there was a driver – the protesters cannot block the city’s streets or harm lives or property, the court said.

Senior attorney Harish Salve, who represented one of the petitioners, said: “Protests cannot be just to protest but to articulate the point.” The court said, “That’s exactly what we mean.”

“The purpose of the protest must be achieved through nonviolent means. Protests must be about issues. Affected parties must be able to express themselves and the party that caused the problem must be able to respond,” said Chief Justice Bobde.

When the center stated that farmers simply cannot ask for the laws to be repealed, insisting on a meeting where discussions of any clause can take place, the court said, “We found yesterday that the center is unsuccessful in negotiations. We don’t do this. ” think farmers will accept your conclusions. Let the committee decide “.


Former trade union minister P Chidambaram, who represented the Delhi government, said, “If you make so many changes, the original law is incomprehensible. Farmers say this law is unacceptable, so bring a new law and leave You discuss parliament. “

The court, which heard a series of petitions for and against the protest, said it would not take a call to validate the controversial agricultural laws passed in September, which are at the center of the excitement.

“We are on the continuing protests and citizens’ fundamental rights to move freely … the validity of laws must wait,” said Chief Justice Bobde.