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The agitation on agricultural laws continues. The farmers, who have been agitating against the new agricultural laws of the Center, have been stuck on the Delhi border for the last 29 days. Several rounds of negotiations have taken place between the government and the farmers, but all have been fruitless. The farmers are adamant on demanding the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. Now, seeing the performance of these farmers, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also hit the road. The Congress is going to march under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The Congress said that the Congress will submit a memorandum with the signatures of two crore farmers to President Ram Nath Kovind at around 11 am today, ie, 24 December, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. It will urge repeal of Central Agricultural Laws. However, according to Delhi Police, this march of Rahul Gandhi has not been allowed, those who have permission will go.

Farmer Protest Rahul Gandhi Rashtrapati Bhavan March LIVE UPDATES:

-Delhi: The police march to Rashtrapati Bhavan has been stopped by the police. To this, Priyanka Gandhi said, ‘Any dissent against this government is classified as elements of terror. We are doing this march to raise our voice in support of farmers.

– Chanakyapuri ACP Pragya said that only those leaders who have permission are allowed to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Rahul Gandhi met senior party leaders and MPs at the party headquarters before marching to Rashtrapati Bhavan. In a short while, he will visit Rashtrapati Bhavan to hand over two crore signature memorandum against agricultural laws.

Before March, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, ‘Farmers of India are agitating against anti-agricultural laws to avoid such a tragedy. In this satyagraha, all of us will have to support the Annadata of the country.

-Rahul Gandhi’s march is not allowed by Delhi Police. Additional DCP Deepak Yadav of Delhi Police said that no permission has been given for the Congress march in Rashtrapati Bhavan today. However, the three leaders going to Rashtrapati Bhavan to hand over the memorandum will be let go.

Protest of farmers against agricultural laws continues on the Ghazipur border.

One protester said, “We will not withdraw until the law is withdrawn. It should take 10 years. There have been 6 talks. The government could have worked out a solution.”

The party’s general secretary of the party, KC Venugopal, alleged in a statement that the central government had given pain to the farmers by first enacting anti-agriculture legislation and now its ministers are insulting the farmers. He said that Congress had launched a nationwide signature campaign against the laws to further strengthen and strengthen the ongoing opposition to anti-agricultural laws. Signatures of nearly two crore people have been collected in favor of the demand to withdraw these laws. The Congress leader claimed that farmers have been protesting for 28 days in the midst of a severe winter, 44 farmers have lost their lives so far, ministers of the egoistic government are insulting the farmers.

Significantly, since November 26, thousands of farmers have been lying on the borders of Delhi against all three agricultural laws. In protest against the three agricultural laws, the farmer leaders gathered at various borders of Delhi said that the government came up with a concrete written proposal, we are ready for talks. On the proposal sent by the central government for talks late on Sunday night, the farmers organizations made it clear on Wednesday that we are not ready to amend the agricultural laws, do not repeat the proposal repeatedly. The above proposal of the government has already been rejected. The repeal of the three agricultural laws will not result in any negotiation.

The leaders of the United Kisan Morcha on the Singhu border of Delhi told reporters that surprisingly, even after so much time, the government is not understanding the demands of the farmers. Bhakyu leader Yudvir Singh said that the government is trying to mislead by sending the same kind of proposal again and again. The government wants to give the message that the farmers are adamant, are not ready to talk. The reality is that even a novice can understand that the government wants to prolong the movement so that the movement breaks in the cold.

The government should not make the mistake of taking the movement lightly. Farmers from all over the country are reaching out to participate in the movement and farmers are not going to leave from here without canceling agricultural laws. The soldiers doing duty at the borders also understand that their family is lying on the streets in the cold. This may have adverse effects.

Farmers became laborers in America:
Farmer leader Shiv Kumar Kakka said that by making laws, the government wants to handover farming to the corporate. The government first assured that it would send concrete proposals. But on 5 December it sent a proposal to amend the law after oral refusal. Due to the above policy in America, farmers became laborers. Now there are big farmers doing contract farming.

The movement is being discredited:
Gurnam Singh Chadhuni said that the government is beating up on all the three laws. Every day, separate farmer organizations are showing support for the law, so that the movement can be broken. The government is describing farmers as radical, separatist, extremist. The movement is being maligned in a new way. This effort of the government will not succeed. Farmer leaders will travel to the states to intensify the movement.