Exciting Hindupuram MP Gorantla


Anantapur: YCP MP Gorantla Madhav is getting very excited in the meantime. Paritala Ravi Peretti is doing a lot of criticism, going for picnics and breaking the names of the castes. Ever since he won as Hindupuram MP, he has been embroiled in controversy and trying to punch Pootako. Given the gap between these, Madhav is booming again. Because no one understands. People do not even know why Paritala Ravi suddenly fell. Paritala Ravi was criticized for being a factionist and for shedding blood in Anantapur.

With this, the Paritala family countered to Madhav. He also gave a warning that the history of the Gorants should be known to all and not unnecessarily provoked. The program was organized by the Kuruba caste as part of the Kartikamasam picnic. Madhav, who belongs to that caste, attended the program and warned the Reds and Kammas not to settle down if they commit atrocities. The history of Madhav, who has been accused of raping and murdering himself, is no small matter. Kia also threatened the industry management in Anantapur. That is, there were allegations of not giving jobs to locals. He had to complain to the Kia Management CM about his blow.

The reason why Madhav is so excited is that even if he becomes BC himself, he has moved away from that category. Opposition to him came from within the BCs. The TDP leadership on the other hand is to meet the agrarians and BCs. Now there are comments that he is trying to become a champion in BC by making hateful and provocative comments on the agrarians.