Even if you don’t win .. you are so fond of it! – Telugu Post


Bigg Boss stepped into the final week as Nagarjuna narrator. There were only five contestants left in the house last week. Akhil, Sohail, Ariana, Abhijit and Harika are in the top 5. This week, however, Monal was eliminated and took to the stage with Nag. Monal, who should have been eliminated someday, finally got into elimination as the last contestant in the last week. Many were waiting to see when Monal would be eliminated. It happened today. Abhijit, the coolest person facing nominations from the first in Bigg Boss Season 4, faced criticism in terms of tasks.

It is not uncommon for Abhijit to be cool, not quarrelsome, but a slow matured person, and even if he does not play tasks, Abhijit’s following India is trending wide. Abhijit Graf fell in the middle and the craze seemed to subside a bit but again Abhijit Graf rose in O Range. Sohail was saved before last week’s eliminations and went to the top 5. With that, Abhijit Fans set a trend on social media with 1 million tweets saying that he is the King of Hearts Abhijeet. Abhijit, who excelled in terms of tasks, was left in the sky by the fans. Whether Abhijit is a winner or not, this admiration has waned