Election to the assembly of Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan: Let Rajini speak

Actor-politician Kamal Haasan has once again declared that he is ready to work with Rajinikanth (files)


Actor-politician Kamal Haasan on Tuesday evening reiterated his willingness to work with colleague Rajinikanth, who is widely expected to make his electoral debut in next year’s Tamil Nadu assembly elections, provided their political ideologies match.

Makkal chief Needhi Maiam (MNM) said both Rajinikanth and he would “give up all ego and work together if it would benefit people,” but warned that a more detailed understanding of Rajinikanth’s ideology is required to do so To make a decision.

“Let Rajini speak. We will help each other if necessary … give up all ego and cooperate when it benefits people. We have said that before … now there is nothing new to say,” said Kamal Haasan.

“(But) we cannot take his only word (a reference to Rajinikanth’s promise of ‘spiritual politics’ as the cornerstone of his party) as a complete ideology. Let them explain in detail, then we will speak,” he added.

Kamal Haasan said the two stayed “just like friends” and were only a phone call away.

“I said why I got into politics. We need a change. Rajinikanth says that too,” he said, giving hope to those who are campaigning for a mega-alliance in the electoral landscape of Tamil Nadu.

On Sunday, Kamal Haasan seemed to point out this possibility, saying, “Alliances will dissolve and alliances will come together.” And in November last year he said, as he does today, that the two actors would work together “if Tamil Nadu’s development is necessary”.

Last November, Kamal said he was open to working with Rajini in developing the state

Rajinikanth’s response to the November teaser was, “If there is a situation that requires the development of the Tamil people, I would team up with Kamal Haasan.”


Tamil Nadu is slated to vote for a new congregation in May next year.

This will be the first choice since the deaths of former Prime Ministers J Jayalalitha and M Karunanidhi, and the absence of the hugely influential leaders leaves a power vacuum, and a Kamal Haasan-Rajinikanth bond could be more than enough to fill this gap.

Earlier reports suggest Rajinikanth might contest the election with his newly registered party – Makkal Sevai Katchi (People Service Party) – and with the autorickshaw (a reference to his character – a motorist – in the hit “Basha”) as the icon .

Kamal Haasan founded his party in 2018 and participated in last year’s Lok Sabha elections. However, he was unable to win any seats. The party was also unable to secure seats in two groups of by-polls of the assembly – in May and October, with AIADMK and DMK sharing all seats.

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