Egg price is Rs. 30 … a thousand kilos of ginger … do you know somewhere? –

Protecting the body from diseases means eating a balanced diet. Taking beef a day is very good for health. High in nutrients, the only food available at a low price is the egg. However, these egg prices have skyrocketed due to the corona. The price of an egg now stands at Rs. The price of a dozen eggs is said to be over Rs.350. Don’t be shocked that Vammo is so expensive. These prices are not in our country. In neighboring Pak. Commodity food prices have skyrocketed in Pakistan. While the price of an egg is Rs 30, the price of sugar is over Rs 100. The price of a kilo of ginger is Rs. Speaks over 1000. Imran, who came to power saying he would cut prices, has been unable to control those prices. The country is struggling financially due to the corona. People are withdrawing money from banks as taxes are raised to increase income. A large number of banknotes are being printed in the country due to the large number of withdrawals. Prices are rising sharply as inflation rises.