EEVE electric scooter Atreo, Ahava launched in India

EEVE electric scooters – Ahava and Atreo

The Eeve Atreo and Ahava electric scooters come with a 5-year vehicle warranty as standard

EeVe India has launched two new electric scooters, Atreo (means king) and Ahava (means loved). Atreo has a range of 90 to 100 km. Smart features include geotagging and fences to keep an eye on the vehicle’s location and protect the vehicle. Due to the immobilization, the scooter can be locked immediately in the event of an unfavorable event. As electric vehicles become more widespread, manufacturers ensure that customers are given long-term guarantees.

The scooter comes with me 5-year guarantee and one-year battery guarantee. The same applies to insurance for a period of 1 year. To ensure that the long-term cost is affordable, according to the company, the running cost is 15 Paisa per km, which makes the scooter not only environmentally friendly but also operationally sustainable.

Available from a Price from Rs 64,900 (for Atreo)The electric scooter is available in pocket-friendly EMI options due to funding from leading institutes. Atreo is available in 2 color options. Two-tone red and black and a simple monotonous gray.

Eeve Ahava electric scooter

Eeve Ahava has a 250 watt motor for a range of 60 to 70 km and does not skimp on functions. It shares much of what is available on the longer range Atreo. It is available in two two-tone color options: blue and black, and red and black. Ahava is priced at Rs 55,900. All prices are ex-sh.

EEVE Ahava
EEVE Ahava electric scooter

It goes without saying that Eeve Atreo and Ahava variants will come standard with technology-based features as vehicles get smart. The intelligent user interface comes with the use of a dedicated app to keep up to date with the work of the scooter in real time and in other ways.

Eeve scooter guarantee

Both vehicles have daytime running lights and efficient operating costs. The manufacturer is too Expansion of the dealer network reach a larger customer base in 52 cities. Design cues focus on a sporty look and design.

EEVE Atreo electric scooter
EEVE Atreo electric scooter

The USP product is super long-range, patented batteries with the longest life cycles, including a 1 year guarantee and a 5 year guarantee. The company is committed to making its electric scooters a choice for the masses rather than a smaller niche group.

Harsh Vardhan Didwania, Co-Founder and Director of EeVe India, says: “We are very excited to add two new variants of electric scooters to the existing Xeniaa, Wind, 4U & Your models. We look forward to establishing ourselves as one of the pioneering manufacturers of electric scooters in the near future. Our vehicles are designed with the needs and requirements of Indian two-wheelers in mind. So EeVe is perfect for your utility, style and comfort. “