Duckout Prithvisha .. Netizens playing


Adelaide: Team India opener Prithviraj was knocked out in the first Test against Australia as part of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Shaw joined the pavilion with the second ball of the innings by Mitchell Starc. Shah got a place in the opener instead of Shubhman Gill but failed miserably to make an impact. This has led to criticism of Prithviraj on social media. Netizens are vilifying how he was brought into the team.

The team captain who won the toss chose to bat. Shah, Mayank Agarwal enter the crease. Prithviraj Shah, who started batting, faced the first ball thrown by Starc with difficulty. Shaw was clean bowled in an attempt to play the second ball going away to the stumps. Team India fans have been vilifying on Twitter that Shah is still playing like Afridi compared to Sachin, Sehwag and Lara. Playing with a variety of memes.