Does eating pizza stand out as news?

Outpouring of support for Delhi exhibitors

Internet Desk: It is known that farmers from Haryana, Punjab and other states have staged indefinite protests on the outskirts of Delhi against the new agricultural laws. The agitation has been going on for the last 19 days as there has been a stalemate in the talks between the central government and the protesters. Many are standing by to help those taking part in the public protest in the freezing weather. They are being provided with the necessary arrangements and supplies. In this order some donors distributed pizzas to the farmers. However there has been some criticism of farmers eating pizza. Many protested against this attitude. Bollywood actor and singer Diljij Dosanj supported the farmers. “Nobody cares if farmers eat poison. But if they eat pizza, it’s news,” he tweeted.

They are the ones who provide the wheat for the pizza.

Shaanbir Singh Sandhu, a young man, along with four friends organized a ‘Pizza Langer’ event last week. As part of this, more than 400 pizzas were distributed to the protesting cars. He explained that they came up with the idea as they did not have enough time to prepare a meal of lentils and chapatis for the farmers. Farmers who provide wheat for making pizza .. Shanbir Singh asked why not eat pizza. He said he was also a farmer studying for a degree at Guru Nanak Dev University.

Outgoing support

The young men announced that they would once again set up a larger Annadana Langer program. This time they explained that they would distribute more like pizza and burger in it. Massive donors are pushing to help the thousands of protesting farmers. They are being provided with food and sleeping facilities. A large number of machines were set up that could make 1500 to 2000 chapatis per hour. An international charity called ‘Khalsa Aid’ has set up foot massage machines for them.

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