Doctors endorse Jill Biden’s doctorate after WSJ implied it is invalid

Will there be a doctor in the White House?

The answer shouldn’t be denied – the answer is of course yes. Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, has a PhD. However, if you asked an opinion columnist in the Wall Street Journal, the answer would not be yes. According to the play, Jill Biden’s degree is somehow less valid because it is not a PhD.

The Wall Street Journal statement criticizes First Lady Jill Biden’s use of the title “Dr” for having a PhD in education rather than medicine.

What the contribution of opinion implies is that some grades are more equal than others. Do you remember Animal Farm?

The article, published in the Journal on Saturday, was planned over his attack on Biden, who received her PhD in 2007 and plans to continue teaching during the tenure of her President-elect Joe Biden.

Column writer Joseph Epstein was also accused of patronizing Biden when he labeled her a “child” and suggested that she use the title “fraudulent” and “a touch comic”.

The attack sparked heated debates, and on Monday Michelle Obama joined those defending her husband’s vice president’s spouse.

“For eight years I have seen Dr. Jill Biden do what many working women do – successfully managing more than one responsibility at once, from their teaching duties to their official White House duties, to their roles as mother and wife and Friend, “she wrote in a post on Instagram.

“And right now we’re all seeing what happens to so many professional women, whether their titles are Dr., wife, wife or even first lady: All too often our achievements meet with skepticism, even ridicule.

“After decades of work, we are forced to prove ourselves again,” said Obama.

But it wasn’t just other prominent people who defended her: PhD students who campaigned themselves for Jill Biden’s doctorate and recognized her as as valid as possible.

Delaware University, where Jill Biden received her PhD, posted a tweet focusing on the legitimacy of the degree.

Biden herself replied indirectly on Sunday when she tweeted: “Together we will build a world in which the achievements of our daughters are celebrated rather than denigrated.”

Northwestern University, where Epstein had taught until 2003, quickly distanced itself from him, saying in a statement that the article “unfoundedly challenges Dr. Jill Biden’s legitimate public claims of her doctoral credentials and expertise.”

Doug Emhoff, husband of elected Vice President Kamala Harris and the country’s first second husband, commented, “This article would never have been written about a man.”