Do you know why Nebula Destination Wedding!

Nagababu Niharika

Mega Daughter Nebula – Chaitanya Wedding Celebrations In Rajasthan The Nischey reception in Hyderabad was also grand. But why did Nebula want to have an actual destination wedding .. Let’s hear in Nagababu’s words why Nagababu said OK to that wedding. Nagababu shared a video about the nebula wedding, although it was a bit free after the nebula wedding. In it Nagababu tells Nebula why he had to do a destination wedding. Wedding means invitations from close friends, hospitality to them, and arranging wedding arrangements is not a common thing. Among them is Corona Time. Corona is one of the reasons why Nagababu Nebula wedding is a destination wedding. Another says that we have chosen this destination wedding just to enjoy the wedding.

Bunny and Cherry weddings held in Hyderabad in the past, the etiquette of the guests who came to Hyderabad, could not actually enjoy the wedding arrangements, immersed in the wedding arrangements, so we could not enjoy .. But because of the corona in the nebula wedding is not called big, so our mega family planned a destination wedding Nagababu plans to enjoy it all together. Nebula says the wedding was well enjoyed without any rush at the destination wedding. That’s why we thought of Destination Wedding. Nebula – We planned this wedding according to Chaitanya’s wishes. Nagababu told Varun Tej that he had taken care of all the destination weddings and why his daughter Niharika had to get married in Rajasthan.