Divya Aggarwal on trolling for posting pictures after her father’s death: “Is there a rule book for grief?” – TV

Actress Divya Aggarwal, who was recently trolled for posting social media images days after her father died, relived the difficult time when she couldn’t see her father while battling Covid-19 in the hospital.

The day after news of her father’s death was revealed, Divya had posted a family picture with a forward-looking note next to it. “Meri Pyari family. Nothing has changed. I lost a parent but gained a god. I have my heart full of thoughts. I would love to share it with all of you. Tomorrow I will come live in the afternoon. My father doesn’t I don’t like it when I cry … so I don’t cry at all … I just want to thank each and every one of you who have been with me … who prayed for my father day and night to have. “d written.

Divya told the Bombay Times, “My father died as a result of COVID. He was hospitalized and I tried my best to give him the best medical care possible. I live with Varun (Sood, friend) in Bandra. I wasn’t allowed to meet him so I could only get updates regularly. In fact, my entire family was infected and in the hospital, but luckily my mother and brother recovered. Father already had many health problems; He was a heart patient and had had a brain haemorrhage in the past. His heart has not been working properly for the past few days. I was hoping he’d be better. “

In response to the trolls who beat her up for posting happy pictures, Divya told the daily, “It doesn’t concern me personally, but I do worry about others who face similar attacks. I returned to work two days after my father died and was attacked by trolls. My job requires that I hide my real feelings, put on my makeup and look happy. That makes it easier for people to judge me. The truth is, I’ve always found solace in my work. I’m also my family’s only breadwinner. Dad left a void that can’t be filled, but I have to work for my mom and younger brother and get distracted. I could have cried and mourned in public as people expected, but that would have affected my loved ones. After papa, my younger brother, looks up to me, I have to be strong for him. I can’t grieve the way people want me to. Is there a rule book for that? I didn’t allow anyone to put a garland on their picture, or my mother to wear white. In fact, nobody wore white at their funeral. I want to celebrate his life, I don’t want to be constantly reminded that he is no longer. I don’t want confirmation from people that I’m grieving, it’s personal. “

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Last month Divya posted a black and white picture of her family and wrote in an emotional post: “I have had the greatest loss of my life. Nothing is close to losing a father in a daughter’s life. NOTHING. I have forgiven my God for taking the beautiful gem of my life so suddenly. Dear father, I take full responsibility for our beautiful family and will not let you down. And I remember who is with me on those crucial days .. I am strong doesn’t mean I don’t need anyone .. but I am strong enough to decide a few things … # loveyoudad. ”

This wasn’t the first time Divya had been trolled. She was due to report on her periods earlier this year. She went to her Instagram Stories to share a video of Varun lying down while running her fingers through his hair. “When I’m in times, he doesn’t know what to do,” she wrote.

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