Dil Raju’s B’day Party: To introduce his wife

Dil Raju is one of Tollywood’s leading producers and turns 50 another day. This birthday is going to be special for ‘Dil’ Raju for many reasons and that’s why the top producer decided to celebrate it in a great way.

In early May of this year, ‘Dil’ married Raju Vaigha Reddy (Tejaswini was her original name) and it was his second marriage after his first wife Anitha passed away due to illness in 2017. Raju’s wedding to Vaigha Reddy at a temple closed time was a private and intimate ceremony with only family members as guests. After the wedding, there was no reception for industry people due to the pandemic.

To offset his wedding reception, ‘Dil’ Raju has decided to hold both the reception and birthday party as one event. Accordingly, he will have a big, fat party for all industry professionals on December 18thth.whatever his birthday is. Invitations will be sent to all of the industry biggies and a luxury hotel in Hyderabad will be reported as booked for the event.

In this case, ‘Dil’ Raju will introduce his wife to anyone with whom he has a good relationship in the industry. There are now strong reports that Raju’s wife Vaigha Reddy is about to go to a screenwriter.

Impressed with her story, Raju hired a team to develop his wife’s story and assigned her to a director close to him.

In terms of work, the producer has ‘Vakeel Saab’ with Pawan Kalyan and next year he will get into Bollywood.

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