Delhi woman reportedly forced to change religion after marrying Muslim man

Delhi woman claims forced conversion to Islam, harassment by in-laws

The woman also accused her husband and his family of demanding dowry. (Representative)

New Delhi:

A 20-year-old Muslim man in Delhi was charged by police on his wife’s allegations that she was forced to convert after their wedding in May and molested by her in-laws.

“His family forced me to change my religion to Islam. I had to wear a burqa and offer namaz. His father tried to sexually harass me,” the woman said in a complaint filed on Monday.

The woman says she met the man when he rented a room from her parents late last year. At the time, she says, he did not reveal his religion and claimed he had no family.

After a few months, as the two got closer, the man introduced her to his family, who lived in another part of Delhi. The revelation sparked a confrontation after which the defendant assured her that she “would not be forced to change her religion”.

The two married in a temple, the complaint said.


The woman claims that she was molested about dowry, locked up and no longer in contact with her parents.

The only purpose of marriage was to change my religion, she says in her complaint.

One case filed against the man and his family lists charges such as rape, kidnapping, breach of trust and intimidation.

Police said the woman’s medical examination had been completed and the investigation had begun. No arrests have been made to date.