Cyberpunk 2077 players lose progress due to corrupt backup files

(Image: CD Projekt RED)

From missing NPCs to sudden crashes, CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 continues to suffer from a flurry of glitches and groundbreaking bugs. However, the latest edition could be one of the most frustrating, especially for those who have spent dozens of hours in the game.

Toms Hardware reports that a corrupt save bug plagues PC users. Players find that backup files over 8MB are suddenly corrupted

The official CD Projekt RED forums are rife with complaints, while Redditors have also focused on multiple threads to report similar issues. It seems that spending too much time on the game’s crafting system increases Cyberpunk 2077’s memory size, resulting in longer load times. Eventually, many culminate in the ruin of a backup file and the inability to restore data.

In at least some situations, warning signs will appear before the backup files are corrupted. When the file size increases, black screens appear for up to 30 seconds or more, indicating that there is a problem. Players are unable to continue their game and instead are presented with “Saved data is corrupt and cannot be loaded”.

The moderators of the CD Projekt RED forum seem to be aware of the problem. Some have suggested that this problem is not a bug but how the game is built. One responder’s solution was simply to have players try an earlier save and continue from there. “Unfortunately the memory is damaged and cannot be recovered,” wrote a moderator. “Please use an older backup file to continue playing and try to save a smaller amount of items and crafting materials.”

Additional solutions offered by CD Projekt RED mods include backing up saves, repairing the game, uninstalling mods, and re-enabling those mods after the game is repaired. These options seem unsatisfactory for many users who have lost hours of game progress.

It remains to be seen whether CD Projekt RED will fix this particular problem in a future patch or whether it may be fixed in the patch planned for December 21st.