Customers at the restaurant leave a $ 5,000 tip on the $ 205 bill

Customers at the restaurant leave a $ 5,000 tip on the $ 205 bill

A Pennsylvania waitress was surprised to receive a tip of $ 5,000 (Representative Image)

A group of regulars at a Pennsylvania restaurant surprised their waitress Saturday night by tipping a $ 5,000 bill on a $ 205 bill. According to CBS Philly, customers – who have not yet been named – regularly dine at a country club restaurant called Anthony’s in Paxon Hollow. On Saturday, just before the state ban on indoor eating went into effect amid the coronavirus pandemic, the group of golfers left their waitress Gianna DiAngelo a generous tip.

The restaurant went to Facebook to thank the customers. “We have no other words than THANK YOU,” they wrote in a post that was widely circulated on the social media platform. “Incredible support for our staff here! Thank you for helping our staff through the vacation.”

“What an incredible, amazing gift! Given the difficult times people are facing in the industry, it warms your heart to see someone do something so incredibly generous!” wrote a Facebook user.

“Amazing! So wonderful to see good people in the world,” said another.

Gianna DiAngelo, the recipient of the generous tip, says she is stunned.


“I’m just happy with everything. When they said $ 5,000, I just couldn’t believe it. I’m going to put the money away for college and pay it up to do something good for other people,” she told ABC News .

Ms. DiAngelo, who studies to be a nurse, added that she hopes to bring her generosity forward by being the best nurse she can be.

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