COVID Patients Still In Danger Zone After Coming Home


December 16, 2020

Another warning to Kovid patients

Scientists have concluded that the threat is highest in the first ten days after Kovid‌-19 victims are discharged from the hospital. As a result, he is expected to return to the hospital and die. The researchers compared it with other patients admitted to the same hospital with coronary pneumonia and heart failure problems. Kovid victims are found to have a 40-60 percent chance of returning to the hospital or dying after being discharged. However, after 60 days, the risk of coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease was found to be significantly lower in patients with coronary heart disease and pneumonia. Scientists say 9 percent of Kovid victims die in the first two months. As health deteriorated again, 20 percent said they had been hospitalized again. He explained that 18.5 per cent died while in hospitals. Overall, the first two weeks were marked by a greater than normal risk for severely ill Kovid victims.