Covid new strain: Covid new strain: Now another new strain of corona virus found in Nigeria, the world in panic – another covid new strain appears to emerge in nigeria after south africa and britain


  • Now Corona got new strain in African country Nigeria, scientists engaged in investigation
  • A day before, a very infectious strain was found in passengers arriving from Britain from South Africa.
  • African CDC convenes emergency meeting, discussion on new strain

After Britain and South Africa, a new strain of corona virus has now been found in the African country of Nigeria. On Thursday, Africa’s top public health official said that this new strain of Corona has been found in the people of Nigeria. A team of scientists is investigating to get more information about this strain. On Wednesday, a new strain of Corona was found in two passengers from South Africa in Britain. The new strain was described as 70 percent more contagious by the British Health Minister.

This strain is different from Britain and South Africa
John Nekengsong, head of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said of the new strain in Nigeria that it is of a different nature from the UK and South Africa. The strain is being investigated by scientists from the Nigeria CDC and the African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases. He called for more time to investigate this nature of the virus.

New strain named P681H variant
Dr. Nekengsong reported that the potential impact of Nigerian variants on vaccines is unclear as of now. An initial report stated that this Nigerian variant of the corona virus was found in samples from two patients collected 100 miles north of Lagos in southern Osun State between 3 August and 9 October. This variant of the corona virus is named P681H.

African CDC convenes emergency meeting
It is being told that this new strain of corona virus is based on two or three genetic sequences. At the end of last week, South Africa had also issued an alert regarding rising cases of corona. The African CDC has also convened an emergency meeting after witnessing the increasing pace of infection across the continent. In this meeting, apart from the new strains of Corona, vaccine supply will be discussed in the continent.

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