Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown primarily affected the elderly: Poll – News from India

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and resulting lockdown had a significant impact on seniors. One in three senior citizens feared they would contract the disease and 29% experienced social isolation due to restrictions imposed. Poll of Seniors in North, South and West Indies on the challenges they faced.

The survey was conducted by Antara, an integrated service provider for senior care needs.

“However, over 20.3% of respondents said they weren’t overly concerned about the pandemic or infection,” according to the survey.

At least half of respondents welcomed the government’s response to a pandemic.

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55% of seniors praised the Indian government’s efforts to contain all or some of the pandemic despite widespread disruption in India and around the world. However, 24% of seniors continued to express concern, saying India was not out of the health crisis.

Almost 80% of seniors preferred to live independently.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, seniors remain the most vulnerable and high-risk demographic segment that may need regular support with their daily activities. The survey found that 77% of seniors in the three survey regions lived independently in their own or rented houses. Only 16% of seniors stated that they lived with their children or grandchildren.

“The survey on the condition of the elderly is highly relevant for a country like India, where major demographic changes are to be expected. In the next few years, the elderly population will be a significant consumer segment and will require special services and products for problem-free aging, ”said Dr. Rajit Mehta and CEO Antara on the survey results.

“With this survey, we want to highlight the attitudes, attitudes, social preferences and buying behavior of seniors in India so that we can provide the right products and services to meet their age-specific needs. I believe this will be an important step in realizing the economic and social potential of this segment, ”he added