Coronavirus Pandemic Country Wise Cases LIVE Update; USA Pakistan China Brazil Russia France Spain Recovery Rate Covid 19 Cases | US President Elect Biden will get the vaccine publicly next week; 954 people died in Germany in one day

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  • Coronavirus Pandemic Country Wise Cases LIVE Update; USA Pakistan China Brazil Russia France Spain Recovery Rate Covid 19 Cases

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Washington2 hours ago

  • More than 7.45 crore infected in the world so far, 16.54 lakh deaths have occurred, 5.23 million healthy
  • In the US, the number of infected is more than 1.73 crore, so far 3.14 lakh people have lost their lives

The number of corona patients in the world exceeded 7.45 crores. More than 5 crore 23 lakh people have been cured. So far, more than 16 lakh 54 thousand people have lost their lives. These figures are according to Vaccination has started in America. Some people here are afraid of getting vaccinated. To overcome this fear, President Elect Joe Biden will undergo vaccination next week. In Germany, the chain of deaths from infection has suddenly increased.

Two important updates on America and President Elect
First- The number of guests in the swearing-in ceremony to be held on January 20 will be very less. Usually around 2 lakh tickets are sold for this ceremony. But, this time only one thousand tickets will be sold because of Corona. In addition to these there will be 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Detailed information will be given soon.

Second- President Elect Joe Biden will undergo a vaccination publicly next week. Currently Vice President Mike Pence will undergo vaccinations with wife Karen on Friday. According to a report by ‘The Guardian’, Biden himself admitted that Anthony Fausi, the country’s Infectious Disease expert and expert doctor of Trump’s Corona Task Force, has asked him to get the vaccine done soon.

Things worsen before vaccine in Germany
According to media reports, the German government and its health regulator can approve the vaccine on December 27. First of all, this care will be given to elderly people living in homes. After this, the number of other people will come. Germany is going to approve Bioentech and Pfizer’s vaccine.

Things are worsening in Germany before vaccination. 952 people died in one day here on Wednesday. Shops, schools and all non-essential institutions have been closed. In Germany, an average of 400 people have been dying every day since 11 days. On the other hand, France has controlled the situation to a great extent with a 6-week strict lockdown.

Netanyahu will also get vaccinated
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will undergo vaccination this week. It is believed that next week, Netanyahu will introduce Pfizer’s vaccine in public. However, the government has not made it clear when the vaccination program will start in the country as a whole.

Corona’s home test kit available
Australia has succeeded in preparing Corona’s home test kit. This kit has been prepared by Allume Company. The special thing is that the US government has also approved its use in our country. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a statement – this test kit will give test results of Kovid-19 in 20 minutes. In this test kit, the test is done by taking a swab from the nose. For this, a smartphone app will be needed because the method of use is given in this app. The user has to provide some information.

Situation in the top 10 countries affected by Corona


Infected The deaths Healed
America 17,392,618 314,577 10,170,735
India 9,951,072 144,487 9,455,793
Brazil 7,042,695 183,822 6,132,683
Russia 2,734,454 48,564 2,176,100
France 2,409,062 59,361 180,311
Turkey 1,928,165 17,121 1,691,113
Britain 1,888,116 64,908 N/A
Italy 1,870,576 65,857 1,137,416
Spain 1,771,488 48,401 N/A
Argentina 1,510,203 41,204 1,344,300

(Figures are according to