Corona Vaccine China says hard to beat COVID 19 without China vaccine – Corona Vaccine: China dazed by questions on vaccine

More than a year has passed since the corona virus epidemic began. After the hard work of scientists, many vaccines can now be found. People have started getting vaccinated in many places including America, Britain and China, while vaccines will be given soon in some countries including India. Among the countries that have made the vaccine, China is also involved, but shortly thereafter, questions are also being raised about its vaccine. As a result, the dragon has gone stung and has bluntly stated that if he wants to defeat Corona, then the Chinese vaccine will have to be used. The Chinese government’s propaganda newspaper Global Times has written an article to hear the countries questioning China’s corona vaccine.

China has accused Western countries that questions are being raised about transparency on its vaccine (China). The Global Times wrote, “As of the time of China, on Thursday morning, Brazil’s Butnan Institute reported that China’s Synovac Corona vaccine was more than 50 percent effective. This has made this emergency eligible for approval. The Chinese company would collect and analyze data from tests in other countries such as Turkey and Indonesia before finalizing the entire picture, but Western media immediately started raising questions about ‘transparency’.

The article further states that Brazil was the first country to complete the Phase III trials of the Synovac vaccine. It has confirmed that the vaccine’s efficacy is more than 50 percent. No serious side effects have been reported during the third phase of the Synovac vaccine. Although there was news about an accident in Brazil, it was soon proved that it had nothing to do with the vaccine.

China raised questions on American vaccine

China has also questioned the American Corona vaccines. China has said that American vaccines are also weak in many respects. Let’s start with the sample used in the third trial of the Pfizer vaccine in the United States. The company has not independently verified the information by a third party. At the same time, Pfizer is the mRNA vaccine, which has to be stored at minus 70 ° C temperature. In other words, it is designed for rich countries rather than developing countries. It is further stated in the article that it is also necessary to mention here that some reactions of Pfizer vaccine were also reported. Despite this, the media in Western countries did not give rise to serious issues. He completely ignored these.

China’s synovac vaccine is more safe

Praising his Corona vaccine, China’s Global Times said, “China’s Synovac Corona vaccine is much safer and can be easily stored in the refrigerator temperature. It is made according to the developing countries and the prices are kept. But Western countries have ignored these features. ”The Synovac vaccine should be promoted globally. Its international reputation is important. US and Western media outlets clearly hold a stance against Chinese vaccines. Fortunately, there have been no reported cases of serious accidents in Chinese vaccine trials.