Corona patient who went on duty .. Seven killed, 300 people quarantined!


Colorado: In southern Oregon in the United States, a man with corona symptoms lost seven lives as he went on duty, and hundreds fled to Quarantine in fear. According to Douglas County officials, a man went to work last week despite suffering from corona virus symptoms. He was later diagnosed with the virus. Twice recently cases have been reported in this county. Seven people lost their lives due to one of them. Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhofer said 300 people (families) went into self-immolation because of another. Now all of them are deeply remorseful and sympathetic to them. However, the authorities did not reveal the names of those who went into self-custody or the person who caused the spread of the virus.

Thirty-seven people have died so far since the outbreak of the corona epidemic in Douglas County, off the coast of Oregon. 1,315 cases were reported. In Oregon, 1,347 people have died from corona so far, and 1,03,755 cases have come to light. The months of November and December show a significant increase in the number of daily cases. Another 28, including Douglas County, have declared its jurisdiction ‘high-risk’ areas in the wake of the corona virus outbreak.