Corona: New cases exceeding 3 lakhs

2,104 killed.

Delhi: The corona virus has engulfed India and is not suffocating. Governments and people are being suffocated with unprecedented excerpts. The epidemic is raging in the country with over three lakh cases and over two thousand deaths in a single day. Recently, 3.14 lakh people were infected with corona in a single day in the country. Earlier, 3.07 lakh cases were reported in the US in 24 hours.

During the last 24 hours, 16,51,711 samples were tested and 3,14,835 tested positive for corona. A record number of new cases have come to light since the epidemic entered the country. For the second day in a row, more than 2,000 deaths occurred. Recently 2,104 people died with corona. This is the first time this level of death has occurred in the country. With that, the total number of cases reached 1,59,30,965. 1,84,657 people lost their lives. In January of this year, more than three million new cases were reported in a single day in the United States. It is alarming that that level of boom has been seen in India ever since.

Also the number of people suffering from the virus has increased tremendously. Currently, the number of active cases is over 22 lakh. The rate has increased to 13.82 per cent. In a single day yesterday, 1,78,841 people recovered from Kovid. With that, 34 lakh crore people have conquered the virus. The recovery rate has dropped to 85.01 per cent. On the other hand, the center distributed vaccines to 22,11,334 people yesterday. A total of 13.23 crore people were vaccinated.

Disturbance in the states ..

In Maharashtra, 67,468 people were recently infected with corona and 568 lost their lives. The state is joined by the national capital Delhi (24,638) and Uttar Pradesh (33,106). In Delhi, 249 people were affected by the epidemic. In Chhattisgarh (193), UP (187), Gujarat (125) and Karnataka (116), there were more than 100 deaths in the last 24 hours. The electoral state of West Bengal is now becoming a corona hotspot. There have been 10,784 new cases and 58 deaths recently.