Concerned Corona: Without Breaks: Massively Rising Virus Cases | Coronavirus daily updates around the world and India, here are the updates in AP and Telangana too


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Updated: Monday, December 14, 2020, 19:10 [IST]

Beijing: Corona virus continues to cause black dance worldwide. Death is ringing softly. The whole world is reeling from the corona attack. The death toll continues to rise. The number of corona victims worldwide has gradually surpassed 16 million. They are flying like rockets for hours. Positive cases in many countries .. Deaths are supported accordingly. Leading nations have also joined hands in preventing the spread of corona virus and preventing deaths.

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So far, 16,20,005 people have died from the corona virus worldwide. The number of positive cases has crossed seven crores. So far 7,26,98,898 cases have been registered. The conditions that started the second wave of corona virus in America are visible. Emergencies have occurred, especially in California. 3,06,459 people have died so far across the United States. The number of positive cases is approaching hundreds.

Coronavirus daily updates around the world and India, here are the updates in AP and Telangana too

So far 1,67,37,267 corona cases have come to light. So far 181,419 people have died in Brazil. 69,01,990 positive cases were registered. So far 1,13,953 people have died in Mexico. 12,50,044 positive cases were registered. It has the second highest number of corona deaths at that level after India. This is also the country with the highest corona mortality rate.

There are 27,071 new corona virus positive cases reported in India. 336 people died. The total number of cases registered so far has reached 98,84,100. Of these, 93,88,159 were discharged. So far 1,43,355 people have died from corona infection. In 24 hours, 30,695 new people recovered from corona clutches in perfect health. The number of active cases registered across the country was 3,52,586.

In Telangana, 384 new cases of corona virus were registered in a span of 24 hours. Three died. 631 recovered. Discharged from hospitals and Kovid care centers. The total number of cases registered so far has reached 2,78,108. Of these, 2,69,232 recovered and went home. 1,496 people died. Less than eight thousand active cases have been reported across the state. According to the latest bulletin .. 7,380 active cases have been registered in Telangana. Homes, Institutional Isolation 5,298 people are being treated. Telangana Medical Ministry officials have issued a statement to this effect.

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