Come to the discussions .. Fix the time, date yourself: Center letter to farmers

It is learned that farmers on the Delhi border have been protesting for almost a month against the new agricultural laws brought by the Center. The central government has held several rounds of talks to pacify the food donors. However, those talks failed due to lack of consensus.

In this context the Central Government once again invited the farmers for talks. Union Agriculture Secretary Vivek Agarwal on Thursday wrote a letter to farmers’ union leaders to this effect.

Agarwal said in the letter that they were ready to show a solution to the farmers. He asked the farmers to come to the talks after finalizing the time and date.

Farmers’ union leaders, on the other hand, said on Wednesday that the Center should stop repeatedly saying that it would make amendments in the agricultural laws. It is learned that the Center has rejected the letter inviting it for the sixth round of talks.

The Center has recently written a letter inviting talks once again in the wake of farmers making it clear that they are ready for talks if they come up with constructive proposals.