Chiranjeevi wrote a check for Rs 10 lakh to Mehboob on the Bigg Boss stage

He said that he is not only a megastar in the Telugu film industry, but also a star in his heart. Chiranjeevi, who was the chief guest for the fourth season of Bigg Boss reality show, showed his generosity on stage. Chiranjeevi responded by saying that Mehboob wanted to give Rs 5 lakh given to him by Sohail to the orphans. Use the money earned through this show for yourself … I am giving Rs. 10 lakhs to Mehboob, he wrote a check at that time.

Mehboob, who was in tears on the occasion, saluted Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi touched Mehboob to his heart and calmed him down. Another contestant told Chiru that she was given a bumper offer. He said that he will soon be playing the role of a powerful police officer in the remake of Vedalam directed by Mehr Ramesh. With that, Divi flew away. Chiranjeevi revealed that after watching Divi’s performance at the Bigg Boss house, he asked director Mehr Ramesh to create a special role.