China Nangqian County Huge Meteor Falls From Sky & Crashes Leaving Locals Stunned: A huge ball of fire suddenly dropped from the sky in China, local people came in panic


  • A huge fireball appeared in the sky in China and fell on the ground very fast
  • This huge circle of fire fell from the sky, the locals got frightened
  • It is not yet clear what was the reason behind the fire falling from the sky.

A huge fireball appeared in the sky in southern China and fell upon the ground very quickly. This huge circle of fire fell from the sky, the locals were in panic. Although it is not immediately clear what was the reason for the fire falling from the sky, but the local media has raised the possibility that a glowing meteorite has dropped.

There have been no casualties due to the falling of this huge circle of fire. According to DailyMail’s report, many videos of this fireball falling on China’s social media have gone viral. This incident is of Nangqian of Qinghai province, China. The incident occurred around 7 am on Wednesday. Local people said that they also heard a loud voice. In a video viral on Chinese social media, it is seen that this sphere of fire fell on the earth, ripping the darkness.
‘Looked like a giant meteor’
Dan Ba, a local citizen, said that he saw the fireball while carrying his child to school. He said that this mysterious ball of fire was small at first but after three minutes it became very big and bright. Yu Jun, the lead author of China’s science website Guoqar, told Beijing News that the fire looked like a giant meteor that was very bright.

On the other hand, the Earthquake Network Center of China has said that it has recorded the incident. He issued a statement on social media saying that this suspected meteorite dropped between Nangqian County and Yusu County at around 7.25 am. The Nansiang County government said it had come to know about the case but was not fully informed.