Chandrababu visited the Amaravathi stone laying site


Amravati: Telugu Desam Party national president and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday visited the Amravati stone laying site. However, with Chandrababu coming to Uddandarayunipalem, the police created obstacles at every step. Route changed to prevent access to the auditorium. Chandrababu stopped the convoy a short distance from the Janabheri Sabha. With this, AP TDP president Achennai got into an altercation with the police. Chandrababu said he was the only one allowed to go to the cobblestone site.

With this, Chandrababu went to the capital’s cobblestone site on foot. TDP leaders and activists are outraged at the attitude of the police. The Telugu brothers are conspiring that the police are committing atrocities even though the public meeting is allowed. Chandrababu who went on foot .. bowed his head to the place of stone laying. Farmers and JAC leaders in the capital chanted ‘Jai Amravati’ at the site. Chandrababu will reach Janabheri Mahasabha in a while. The meeting was attended by thousands of farmers, women and leaders of the capital villages. Farmers and women in green scarves and green robes came to the house. JAC leaders still estimate that a total of 30,000 people will attend.