Center asks questions about foreign donations: Farmers’ Association | India News

CHANDIGARH: The Bhartiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan), one of the largest peasant organizations in Punjab that is protesting the recent agricultural laws, said on Sunday that it was asked by a central authority to submit its registration details, which will allow it to transfer foreign funds receive.
The President of the BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan) Joginder Ugrahan and its general secretary Sukhdev Singh unveiled the Union government’s demand that the “Center use all tactics to defeat the ongoing agitation”.
The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) requires the mandatory registration of all entities receiving foreign funds.
“A department below the center sent an email that we received through our bank’s branch in Punjab. The email stated that we should provide registration details for these overseas donations, otherwise they will be returned, ”said Sukhdev Singh.
“The bank manager showed me the email that was sent from the Forex department,” he said.
Singh questioned the timing of the center’s request, saying, “It is quite clear that the agitation against the farm laws is against the center, and they will try to clear any obstacles they can get inside. They employ all tactics to defeat the agitation. ”
When asked how much foreign money they recently received, Singh said, “We have yet to calculate the exact amount.”
He said his outfit would consult an auditor or a lawyer to file their response.
“The IT department first raided ‘Arhtiyas’ (commission agents) because they supported the farmers’ agitation. Now that our outfit is big, the center is aimed at us, ”Ugrahan said.
“You are asking for details on NRI funds. The NRIs from Punjab help us with donations from their hard-earned money. You support our agitation, what is the problem with that? People also support us at home, ”explained the head of the BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan).
“But the center is targeting us because its only purpose is to defeat the excitement,” he claimed.